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Why live online casino bonuses are bad

If you are an enthusiastic live online casino player, who prefers the table games and live action over the slot machines, you have probably noticed one thing. Live online casino bonuses suck! Sometimes you may get the same bonus, but when you take a look at the wagering requirements you notice, that the terms aren’t the same when it comes to contributing towards the wagering requirement. Videoslots are nearly always either 100% or close to it, but live casino games are somewhere in the range of 10% and 20%.

But why?!?

Table games require more skill

While it is indeed true that the house always has the advantage over the player, in table games player’s actions play a key role in terms of the games return rate. If you play with the correct strategy, you will have a better chance in beating the house. With slot machines, players actions don’t really play a role in the outcome. It is based purely on luck.

Because there is more skill involved, it is harder for the casino to give out a bonus that would be beneficial for both parties. Especially advantage players and other bonus abusers will make the casino pay, if they gave out a bonus that was too favorable.

Table games have better return rate

While yes, some slots may have a return rate close to similar percentages than a player might have in blackjack, they aren’t equal. Since with slot machines there is always the looming possibility to hit the home run, win the jackpot, and this is of course counted towards the return rate. The rate, which in reality isn’t that high when you compare to most likely outcome in a single session.

However casinos have taken some action to make the rules more favorable to them. In 2014 Business Insider published a news article where it explained how two Las Vegas casinos had decided to change the rules.

If you are intersted in comparing the return rates, Betfair has change chart that shows the return rates quite nicely. You can view the charts here. Their return rates are some what valid to other online operators as well.

Should I decline the bonus?

If you are thinking of playing live online casino games, the answer to this is sometimes yes. If you aren’t looking to play for long term, it is maybe a better option to decline the bonus.

However, some casinos offer forfeitable bonuses, which means that you first play until the real money runs out before using the bonus money. For example, let’s say that you made a €100 deposit and collected an equal amount in bonus money. You play blackjack at the live casino and ran well, end up winning €1000 and you only used the money that was “real”. If the bonus was forfeitable, at this point you can contact support or directly forfeit the bonus from your account and withdraw the money.


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